Rocky Truth has survived everything addiction can throw at someone. Living a life of extreme tragedy and struggle, Rocky takes us on a deep dive into the darkest caves of addiction, being homeless, overdose, grief, and recovery.

Rocky Truth: Now my little brother is dead
Rocky Truth: The Reality of Fentanyl
Rocky Truth: Fentanyl rotting legs
Rocky Truth: Dear Mama

Rocky talks about the seemingly normal life leading up to the tragic loss of his mother

Rocky Truth: So our Journey began

Rocky shares the heartbreaking story of losing his father and stepmother abandoning Brendan (9) and Rocky (14) in downtown Ft Myers

Rocky Truth: I joined a gang and was shot 3 times

Rocky describes survival in the streets and providing for his little brother

Rocky Truth: Pensacola, the Promised Land

Rocky and Brendan travel to Pensacola in hopes of finding a better life with long lost family

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