WEAR 3 Karris Harmon spotlights Offentsive’s community outreach efforts in fighting opioid addiction

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Offentsive Corp, a dedicated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, continues to make a significant impact in the battle against the fentanyl and opioid epidemic. Their recent efforts, spotlighted by WEAR 3 News Reporter Karris Harmon, demonstrate their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by addiction and overdose.

On a recent Friday, Offensive Corp took their mission to the streets of Pensacola, venturing into homeless camps alongside WEAR News reporters. Their objective was two-fold: to distribute essential supplies to individuals battling addiction and to spread a crucial message of hope and support.

Bradford Bishop, President of Offensive Corp, spoke about their work in the Herman Ave. area, where they regularly engage with 40-50 individuals in need. “This is the spot,” Bishop noted, emphasizing the importance of their presence in the community.

At the heart of their outreach, Offensive Corp volunteers distributed vital items such as food, toiletries, and Narcan, a life-saving medication used to reverse opioid overdoses. In conversations with homeless individuals, it became clear that many were struggling with fentanyl addiction, which has tragically claimed lives in the area.

One individual shared, “I’ve heard a few people died here from that fentanyl stuff. I like it, but I’ve gotta stop.”

Rudy Koper, a prominent member of Offensive Corp, has a personal connection to the issue. Having been clean from fentanyl for nine months, he shared stories of the challenges he faced during his addiction. Koper highlighted a common fear among addicts: the reluctance to call for help during an overdose due to concerns about legal consequences.

“They know that if the medics are coming, the police are coming,” Koper explained.

Offensive Corp aims to address this fear with the support of Florida’s state statute 893.21. This statute protects individuals who call 911 in cases of drug or alcohol-related overdoses from arrest, charges, prosecution, or penalties. Taylor Bishop, another key member of Offensive Corp, emphasized the significance of this statute, reassuring the community that they are “covered as a good Samaritan.”

To further educate the community, Offensive Corp distributed informational cards about the statute, emphasizing its role in saving lives. “This statute is here to save lives,” Taylor Bishop stated, emphasizing the importance of not hesitating to call for help during an overdose situation.

Offensive Corp’s dedication extends beyond this single event, as they visit homeless camps multiple times a week, consistently working towards their mission of combating the opioid epidemic.

For those in need of assistance, Offensive Corp has headquarters located on the corner of Fairfield Drive and Pace Blvd.

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