Fentanyl replaced with tap water in hospital, 10 die

An Oregon hospital is currently under investigation following several patient deaths reportedly caused by infections linked to tap water injections instead of prescribed fentanyl. Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford is the focus of the police inquiry into the alleged incidents.

Inside sources from Asante disclosed details suggesting that up to ten patients might have succumbed to infections acquired at the hospital. The sources imply that a nurse substituted medication with tap water, potentially to hide the misuse of the hospital’s pain medication, resulting in fatal infections among intensive care unit patients.

The Medford police have confirmed an ongoing investigation but have refrained from divulging specific details. The infections, reportedly stemming from unsterile tap water, led to dangerous conditions like pseudomonas, particularly risky for ICU patients in fragile health.

While no individuals have yet faced charges in connection with the case, the investigation remains active. Asante, upon learning of the issue, reported it to law enforcement and affirmed cooperation with the ongoing investigation.

Dr. Robin Miller, host of the Docs on Call program, referred to the reported malpractice as “drug diversion,” a term used for the improper transfer of controlled substances from legal to illegal channels. Fentanyl, a commonly diverted drug, raises concerns due to its potency and risks associated with its misuse.

Medical professionals typically have access to sterile alternatives, making the use of tap water especially concerning for patient safety. Incidents of this nature often attract scrutiny from federal agencies such as the FBI and DEA.

Asante’s Board Chair declined further comment, citing the ongoing police investigation. Business Insider’s request for comment outside regular working hours went unanswered by Asante at the time of reporting.

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